Evert came to a forest, it was quiet. You could only hear the wind blowing. Until he heard something from the bushes. It came out a quite big seal from the bushes, it was the first thing he noticed, that it was a very big seal. It was a beautiful female. Evert has for a long time wanted a friend, and not a skinny little seal because in that case he would probably be bullied because of his size. Evert saw the seal begin to move forward to him. His heart started to pound. “Hello!” the female seal said. Evert said “Hi!” Friendly the unknown seal asked “What are you doing here?”” Evert answered “I was forced to flee away from my home because the other seals which is living there are not particular nice to me.” “Oh.. OK, what is that kind of behaviour?! It sounds like they are complete idiots.” The friendly seal said. “Yeah, approximately. By the way.. what is your name?” “My name is Susan, and yours?” “OK, I Am Evert.”


Evert and Susan walked for a while, then suddenly Susan said “We should go back to the seals and scare them away.” Evert thought it was a good idea. So they walked back to the other seals. This time Evert had a friend with him, so the other seals were not as cocky as they used to be. Evert and Susan were a big team together against the other seals. They were so small so they were scared when Evert and Susan move forward to them. It was then he realized that he had finally found a very good friend.

The End.


The mean seal rushed back to the other seals and told them about the surprising news. Not because they cared but the seals liked to be mean to Evert. Evert used to say that it was some kind of interest they had, and Evert always thought that they were no lifers. Evert did not think that his life was more interesting but he was never mean to others just for fun.

To be continued...


The return of the seal.
Once upon a time there was a seal named Evert. Evert was a tough seal and he was never afraid of anything. Evert was not a very good friend with the other seals in the area. He though that they were mean to him just because he was fat. Evert used to say that he was not fat, just puffy, but the other seals did not agree. One day when it rained and blew outside the seals went into a hut. All the seals except Evert. Evert wanted to go inside the hut but the seals just shouted and screamed that Evert was too fat and would take up all the place in the hut. Evert did not become sad because of that, he became angry. That was the day he decided to leave the place.

When it had stopped raining the seals came out of the hut. They did not notice that Evert was gone until one of the seals were going to tease him. Evert often sat by himself farther away from the other seals, but it was always some mean seal who came to Evert in his loneliness and started to poke and bully him.

To be continued...

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